“Full Smart” teaching center invites start-up accountants to take part in a four-month accounting and tax legislation courses. The courses (Trainings) are organised on absolutely practical work

smarts trainings


Duration 4 Months

The Courses include

  • Accounting basics
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax legislation
  • Tax Accounting
  • HR work
  • Tax reporting
  • Practical accounting - Setting up a company (organistation) from the scratch retail and what sale trade, production, importing, exporting.
  • Practical Application or accounting software 7
  • Reporting System - The Practical application of the programs

The cost is 40000 AMD per month/ Duration 4 months

The number of participants up to 5. In addition to the fraimings the participants will howe oppoortunity to attend an accountant’s office and execute accounting in the spot


Duration f the lesson 4 month’s

Duration f the lesson 4 month’s 3 times a week from 19:00 – 21:00. The Best of participants will be offered  a job in one of the partner organisations/companies.

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